Technology, kindness, and health. UWB is preparing thematically focused lectures and events

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The UWB in Pilsen is gearing up to deliver lectures and events focused on important themes - technology, kindness, and health, aiming to contribute to a sustainable future. These events are planned for employees, students, and the general public, as well as grammar school students.

By launching a series of events focused on technology, kindness, and health, the university aims to underscore that sustainability isn't merely an abstract concept but a fundamental building block of a better future. Modern technology can help minimize environmental impacts, while kindness and empathy can lead to collective efforts to protect our planet. A healthy lifestyle promotes personal well-being and reduces the burden on healthcare systems and society as a whole.

"Our goal is not only to present important topics and reflect values essential for the current and future world but also to create a community of people engaged with university topics influencing our future. We want to create space for discussion and exchanging ideas leading to concrete steps towards a more sustainable and harmonious society," says Jan Váně, Vice-Rector for External Relations and Communication at the UWB.

The events focused on technology aim to introduce, popularly and educationally, the technologies that have a significant impact on our world and will continue to do so in the future. Additionally, it seeks to dispel prejudices and barriers and explain their real potential. Specifically, the event will mainly focus on quantum technologies and materials, areas where the University of West Bohemia has been very successful. Participants will learn about the fundamentals of quantum physics and the technologies that utilize it, as well as how they can contribute to sustainability. "I would like to invite employees of the University of West Bohemia to a lecture scheduled for April 19th at 12:30 at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, on the occasion of World Quantum Day which we celebrated on April 14th. We often hear about quantum technologies, but do we understand their basic principles? What technologies are we talking about, and how is our university involved in this field? I believe that participants of our planned lecture will be able to answer these questions," says Dita Sládková from the NTC Research Center UWB.

In May, specifically on May 15th, a Sports Day focusing on health will take place, including lectures and discussions on health, technology, and quality of life. The program will be diverse, including demonstrations of first aid techniques and opportunities for practical training. Visitors will have the chance to view an ambulance, have their blood pressure and oxygen saturation measured, learn proper techniques for Nordic walking, and much more. "The topic of health provides many opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. For example, it can involve the emic perspective of health and illness, anthropology, or sociology and social work, which also intersect with the Faculty of Arts. The Faculty of Education can contribute through the Department of Psychology. There are also opportunities for involvement from technical faculties, such as the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with its industrial engineering and healthcare management, and NTC projects focused on temperature measurement or injury prevention in biomechanics. Of course, there's also room for the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art," explains Alena Lochmanová from the Faculty of Health Care Studies UWB.

Lastly, but importantly, kindness is a fundamental element in building any community and solidarity among people. It's crucial to pay attention to this value and bring it into the public sphere to support and subsequently inspire kind behaviour, both at the university and in its surroundings. "We'd like to create simple recommendations for small acts of kindness that can help improve our environment. Our events will address mutual kindness among employees, as well as kindness on social media, which could engage our students, especially high school students. Additionally, we would like to touch on the topic of kindness towards oneself and one's body," adds Jan Kaňák from the Faculty of Arts.

Universities aren't just centres for education and research; they're also driving forces of societal development. The University of West Bohemia is fully aware of this responsibility and has decided to address important sustainability-related topics in society. In doing so, it not only provides education but also public awareness.


New Technologies - Research Centre (NTC)

Dita Sládková

15. 04. 2024