The Rector's Cup 2023/24 competition is halfway through

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All faculties of the University of West Bohemia participate in this year's traditional university-wide sports competition.
The year-long inter-faculty sports competition, The Rector's Cup, which has been held at the University of West Bohemia since the academic year 2015/16, is approximately halfway through. Out of the nine competitions announced, four have already taken place, with the most recent being a doubles tournament in table tennis.

And how are the faculty teams doing? "During the autumn part of this year's competition, tournaments in basketball, floorball, and bouldering have already taken place. It is pleasing to see that students from all faculties of the University of West Bohemia have already participated in the current year's competition during the first four matches. The leading positions are currently held by the favored faculties, which have previously dominated the overall cup. The Faculty of Applied Sciences is leading, the defending champions, and last year's winners from the Faculty of Law are currently 'only' in 6th place. We'll see if they can still manage to defend their victory," says Ondřej Vodrážka from the organizing department of physical education and sports at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Current standings after 4 out of 9 disciplines:

1. Faculty of Applied Sciences - 57 points

2. Faculty of Economics - 46 points

3. Faculty of Education - 39 points

4. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - 34 points

5. Faculty of Electrical Engineering - 31 points

6. Faculty of Law - 27 points

7. Faculty of Health Care Studies (FZS) - 16 points

8. Faculty of Arts - 12 points

9. Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art (FDULS) - 5 points



18. 03. 2024