The UWB Fire Team brought their trophies to show the rector. The female firefighters were golden

Sport Students Achievements

From the amount of ten categories, the UWB Fire Team brought home nine trophies from the May academic games in Ostrava. The female firefighters became the absolute winners, while the male firefighters came second in the university category and fourth overall.

"Who did we see here last year?" asked Rector Miroslav Lávička at the beginning of the meeting with successful students. Half the hands shot up. "And do you know you've made a rod for your own back? Last year, I was newly appointed as rector, and we celebrated the gold of the women's team and the silver of the men's team. This year, you've repeated these successes in your categories. So you surely understand that I expect to see you here with trophies again next year," the rector of the University of West Bohemia said with a smile.

Two first places, six second places, and one bronze medal - that's the tally for the Fire Team of the University of West Bohemia at this year's Czech Republic Academic Championship in fire sport in Ostrava. The students competed in categories such as fire attack, 4x100 meter relay, tower climb, and 100 meter hurdles. "We only didn't succeed in the 100 meter hurdles in the men's category," said Jiří Valachovič, an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Education and Sport at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, who oversees the firefighter teams. In addition to university teams, high school teams also competed in the open championship.

"This year, the atmosphere was great; we all supported each other, even the boys, and cheered during the runs and climbs. I think we really have a great team this year," said Kateřina Škalová, a student at the Faculty of Education. "I'm glad you're representing the university, and I honestly want to see fire sport in person - maybe next year at the next championship in Ostrava, I can come and watch," responded the rector of the University of West Bohemia.

The firefighters regularly train at the fire stations in Pilsen, where they can practice climbing floors with ladders for time. "Winter training is also important; we go to the athletic tunnel at the stadium in Skvrňany and have joint week-long training camps," added Lukáš Křesťan from the Faculty of Education.

The male and female teams consist of students from six faculties: Education, Electrical Engineering, Philosophy, Law, Applied Sciences, and Health Studies. They are still looking for new members.



Andrea Čandová

23. 05. 2024