ZČU Presented Itself Again at the Gaudeamus 2024 Fair

Cooperation University Public

Gaudeamus fairs are attended every year by over 60% of high school graduating students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The main groups of visitors include students in their 4th and 3rd years of secondary school, teachers, educational counselors and university students.

Once again this year, the University of West Bohemia (Západočeská univerzita) in Plzeň was present at the Prague part of the largest post-secondary education fair, Gaudeamus 2024, hosted at the Letnany Exhibition Center from January 23rd to 25th.

Gaudeamus featured over three hundred domestic and international universities, and ZČU certainly stood out among them. The booth, presenting all its faculties and other components, attracted over 4,000 attendees.

Prospective applicants approached ZČU's booth, where it not only reached out to them but also had representatives from faculties and students answering questions about the admission process and the studies themselves.

Gaudeamus also served as an invitation for them to attend the University of West Bohemia's Open Day.




30. 01. 2024