The University library will introduce top scientists

25  -  06 March - May

25. března, 08:00 - 6. května, 18:00

The hall of the Bory Library, University 18, Pilsen, Mon-Thu 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Fri 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Achievements Science Exhibition

The large-scale traveling exhibition "Innovation: The DNA of the Pilsen Region" will showcase 18 selected inspirational personalities, their professional stories, and projects aimed at advancing our knowledge. Among them are personalities from the University of West Bohemia.

Enter: Free.
Intended for: Students, employees, general public.
Kontakt:, 377 637 755
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The exhibition was first seen in Šafařík Gardens in Pilsen in September of last year. From Monday, March 25, it will appear at the University Library of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in Bory, where it will be available for viewing daily except weekends until May 6.

Research, development, and innovation drive the development of the Pilsen Region, making it one of the most advanced and productive regions in the Czech Republic. Innovation is the cornerstone of the region's identity, which has always relied on individuals looking beyond the known horizon with determination to move the world forward. This remains true today.

Through the exhibition, visitors can become acquainted with a machine learning engineer, an infrared technology specialist, a paleoanthropologist, a materials engineer, an XR consultant, a computer scientist from ŠKODA JS a.s., a startup founder, the head of the surgical clinic at the Pilsen University Hospital, or the head of the Advanced Materials research team at the NTC UWB Research Center in Pilsen.

The "Innovation: The DNA of the Pilsen Region" exhibition is part of the activities of the Pilsen Region to support science, research, and innovation in the region, organized through the Smart Accelerator of the Pilsen Region III project. The innovation ecosystem of the Pilsen Region is being built through the GetSmart brand and through a series of upcoming events such as the June Conference on the Intelligent Specialization of the Region 2024 or the Pecha Kucha Night Science Pilsen. More information can be found on the website or on the GetSmart Facebook page.


Client: Pilsen Region
Production: Headz-up Ltd.
Texts: Bohumila Machovcová
Photos: Petra Ottová, Jan Růžička
Graphic design: Anna Eštoková, Petr Rožánek

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