The University of West Bohemia is again preparing to sell the property at Tylova 59

Press Release University Public

The university will once again offer for sale the property located at Tylova Street 59, which has housed faculties such as the Faculty of Health Care Studies and the Faculty of Economics for several years.

Considering the current and expected numbers of students, the building is no longer effectively utilizable for the University of West Bohemia, so the university's strategic plan does not include it.

Several interested parties contacted the University of West Bohemia during the initial offering of the property in 2022, but formal deficiencies in the documentation needed to be addressed before the sale. This has been resolved, and it is now possible to sell the unnecessary building at Tylova 59.

The leadership of the University of West Bohemia has decided to proceed by issuing an open call for bids. If all goes according to plan, the call for bids will be announced between the end of March and April through the certified E-ZAK tool.


Pavel Korelus (translated by ChatGPT)

28. 02. 2024