This year, the Monthly Runner Challenge will support Lilly with Dravet Syndrome

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Anyone from the University of West Bohemia can participate in the charitable sports event again in April.
Students, employees, and staff of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň can once again participate in the traditional sports challenge and contribute to a good cause through physical activity. The Monthly Runner Challenge (Měsíční vytrvalec) will kick off on April 1st and will last for four weeks. During this time, registered participants will be able to walk, run, cycle, scoot, or skate to cover distances, which will be converted into donations at the end of the challenge.

This time, the organizers from the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have decided to support a girl named Lilly, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy accompanied by mild to moderate intellectual disability. "So, we have someone to support, but our general challenge to the students and staff of UWB is equally important: Let's get moving!" says Pavel Červenka, the head of the organizing department.

Participants will record their performances using any mobile application and submit them to the Monthly Runner Challenge website after registration. "There, you can also track and react to the performances of your 'competitors' in real-time," adds Pavel Červenka. The organizers will evaluate the event weekly, and at the end, they will announce the total kilometers covered not only by all participants but also by individual faculty teams and other components of UWB.

Last year, in support of little Nicolas, a total of 28,104 kilometers were walked, run, and cycled, and an equivalent amount was donated to his family's transparent account. The FZS team contributed the most with a distance of 7,109.22 kilometers.

The Monthly Runner Challenge was initiated during the winter semester of 2020. The Department of Physical Education organized it with the intention of energizing UWB during distance learning, which was conducted amid the coronavirus pandemic.



01. 04. 2024