Workshop on Graph Colourings

26 June

26. června

Hotel Trend, Kovářská 13a, 301 00 Plzeň

Guests International Lecture

The foreign experts will conduct research in the field of chromatic graph theory in Pilsen. The workshop is organized by the FAS in cooperation with the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Science of the University of Applied Sciences in Košice and the Czech Mathematicians and Physicists.

Enter: Free of charge
Intended for: Expert public
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This international workshop differs from ordinary mathematical conferences mainly because it is narrowly focused on one area and a range of open problems, namely on particular types of vertex and edge colorings of graphs with additional conditions on distances or neighborhoods of the colored elements.

Due to the narrow thematic focus of such an event, there is a greater chance of solving some of the problems in this area or at least finding some partial solution. In addition to the lectures, it is essential that an event of this type also provide sufficient space for collaborative discussions and solutions to these problems.


Faculty of Applied Sciences

Martina Batková

26. 06. 2024

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