Nuclear Days 2021

15  -  20 September - October

15. září, 09:00 - 20. října, 16:00

Západočeská univerzita v Plzni

Conference Public Exhibition

The eleventh year of Nuclear Days brings to the professional and lay public a two-day conference on "A New Nuclear Source for the Czech Republic – the State of Preparation in 2021" and an accompanying exhibition.

Intended for: students, employees, professional and lay public
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The opening of Nuclear Days, which will take place on Tuesday, 15 September, in the premises of the NTIS Research Centre of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, will be highlighted by the conference "A New Nuclear Source for the Czech Republic – the State of Preparation in 2021". Moreover, the two-day professional conference will commemorate the 65th anniversary of nuclear energy in Pilsen. Dana Drábová, Head of the State Office for Nuclear Safety, and Tomáš Ehler, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade for the Management of the Nuclear Energy Section, promised to attend the event.

Nuclear Days 2021 will be accompanied by an exhibition presenting topics related to nuclear energy. The exhibition will be on display in the entrance hall of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.  

In addition, there will be lectures for secondary school students, who will have the opportunity to win a tablet. The lectures will be held every Wednesday from 22 September to 20 October. 

More information can be found on the webpage Nuclear days.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Šárka Stará

15. 09. 2021, 09:00

24 September

kampus ZČU, Bory


24. 09. 2021, 17:00

09 September

Republic Square


09. 09. 2022, 09:00

20 October

St. Bartholomew´s cathedral, Pilsen


20. 10. 2021, 18:30