UWB to support Ukrainian students with stipendiums, psychologists and Czech lessons

Press Release Ukraine University

UWB will support its Ukrainian students with a special stipendium of CZK 15,000. To those who due to the war have found themselves in a difficult financial situation, the university is also prepared to waive their accommodation fees, as announced on Monday March 7 at a meeting with students.

"Financial support is crucial for a large number of our students. Money-wise, their parents are now in a difficult situation and the students are the ones who have to take care of their families. We are also aware that money is not the only thing they need at this time. In order to understand what these students are dealing with, we invited them to meet with us," said Vice-Rector for Internationalization, Dita Hommerová.

Along with UWB Bursar Petr Hofman and Chancellor Lucie Václavová Čulíková, Dita Hommerová informed students about the one-off special stipendium in the amount of CZK 15,000, which UWB will provide to its Ukrainian students in March. Ninety-two out of a total of 114 Ukrainian students at UWB have applied for this stipendium. On top of that, the university will further support Ukrainian students by waiving their dormitory fees until June of this year. Requests are to be sent via email to info4ua@service.zcu.cz.

According to Dita Hommerová, it is important for students to know who at the university they can turn to in order to deal with any issues in a timely manner. As a reminder, she pointed out that any questions are to be sent by email to info4ua@service.zcu.cz and that students can also use the services of a psychologist and crisis manager. The crisis phone line and email address have so far been used by more than fifty students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. All the relevant contact information is available on the special website UWB FOR UKRAINE, which can be accessed from the homepage of the UWB website.

"The current situation weighs heavily on everyone. Students watch what is going on back home and worry about their families and friends in Ukraine, trying to get them information about the possibility of studying in the Czech Republic," says Dita Hommerová. She assured students that the Ministry of Education is working on amending legislation aimed at simplifying the university admission process for Ukrainian students in the Czech Republic. Apart from this initiative, the Ministry of Education will also financially support students from Ukraine. UWB will apply for financial aid from this special fund for its students directly.

The university is also prepared to provide Ukrainian refugees with available capacity at its accommodation facilities. There is limited accommodation capacity at the student dormitories in Pilsen, where the university plans to put up primarily Ukrainian students and possibly their family members. At the Nečtiny Training and Accommodation Facility, the available accommodation capacity is 150, with its occupancy being coordinated with the Regional Assistance Center for Ukraine.

"I was pleased to hear that Ukrainian students are aware of the situation which their Russian colleagues have found themselves in and unequivocally rejected the application of the principle of collective guilt," noted Dita Hommerová.

The Institute of Applied Language Studies at UWB is offering Ukrainian refugees free Czech language courses for beginners. The courses are intended for adults and their capacity is currently not limited. Child-minding services for the duration of the lessons are available. Anyone interested in these lessons can sign up via email at czech4ua@ujp.zcu.cz or by telephone on (+420) 735 715 828.



Šárka Stará

08. 03. 2022