A support group to help students cope with difficult situations

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I have problems staying on top of my obligations. I need to ask someone but I have difficulty speaking to people. How do others handle this? Students who ask themselves these questions do not need to struggle with these things on their own.

The UWB Information and Counseling Center offers UWB students assistance in difficult situations. The Center has opened a Support Group for them. "If you feel that you would like to discuss your hardship with someone you can trust and who can help and guide you in how to handle difficult situations or a personal crisis, then this support group is here for you," is the Center's message to students.

From April 21, the Support Group will meet every second Thursday in room UK 619 on the 6th floor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Univerzitní 22). The organizers have pointed out that the group sessions will not serve psychotherapeutic and diagnostic purposes. They will be about handling everyday experiences and fulfilling  obligations despite limitations and current difficult situations which students are facing. The sessions will be held in the presence of professional counselors and peers who find themselves in similar situations.

"Students may email their questions to poduz@rek.zcu.cz. They can also visit the website of

 Vzdělávání bez bariér (No Barriers) and follow the Facebook site @Div_nej or the Instagram profile @div_nej_," says Jana Hoffmannová from the Information and Counseling Center.


This initiative is part of the Systematic Support for Mental Health in Adolescence (reg. No. ZD-ZDOVA1-013), which is financed from EEA funds 2014-2021, the Health Program.



19. 04. 2022