Graduates of the Children's University at the Faculty of Education complete their studies

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A total of 61 children from both elementary school and junior high school levels as well as the corresponding grades of six- and eight-year grammar schools received diplomas from the Children's University of the Faculty of Education (FPE) at the University of West Bohemia (UWB).

The participating children compiled their schedule from courses like Prime Numbers and Codes, Czech, OMG!, Das Hauskrokodil – playful German, Boffin, Fire, Sea Sand under the Microscope, Static Electricity and Physical Flying, and many others, which they attended during the winter semester. They got to know the fun aspects of subjects which they study at school on a daily basis.

Through experiments, games and competitions, the Children's University at the Faculty of Education supports children's curiosity and teaches them to ask questions and search for answers. Apart from that, the children get to know teachers, scientists and the university environment and learn that the university is open to anyone interested in education.

"After the Covid restrictions last year when the children got to see their teachers in person only twice and then only met online, this year the entire semester was taught in-person in laboratories and classrooms," says Vice-Dean for PR and Lifelong Learning, Michaela Voltrová, noting that the organization involved the participation of a team of FPE students and classes taught in all three of the University's buildings, that is in Veleslavínova and Klatovská streets and Chodské Square. The young students had a chance to perform experiments and creative activities from various scientific disciplines and gained a lot of new knowledge and skills.

While in 2021 the epidemiological situation did not allow the children's university to be concluded with a graduation ceremony, this year the children received their certificates directly from the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Pavel Mentlík. They also received congratulations from UWB Rector Miroslav Holeček.

"You got a taste of what it is like to study at the University of West Bohemia and proved that you are diligent, hard-working and interested in a variety of fields of study. You have experienced a bit of what older students are experiencing in college and I hope that you will have fond memories of your studies here and today's graduation and that in several years' time you will come back as our students," UWB Rector Miroslav Holeček said during the festive graduation ceremony.

"One of the tasks of a teacher is to recognize a student's talent and develop it, but also to get them excited in the subject and teach them how to further develop themselves in the given field. These opportunities are one of the benefits of the children's university," said Dean of the Faculty of Education, Pavel Mentlík. I hope that you have learned something new in our courses, things worth thinking about and drawing inspiration from to learn more about the things you studied," he added.

The Children's University at the Faculty of Education, whose tradition at UWB dates back to 2014, was held with the support of the Pilsen Region, the Pilsen Zoo, the Fraus Publishing Company, and the RadioIgel educational radio station. In the summer months, the faculty will open registration for the following year, which will kick off in the fall. A list of courses and the registration form will be made available on the websiteého turnusu je 20 účastníků. Zájemci se mohou hlásit prostřednictvím registračního formuláře na webu spolku Přestávka.


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Šárka Stará

06. 05. 2022