Nečtiny Chateau offers accommodation in modern, newly renovated rooms

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The new interiors were designed by Jana Potiron, head of the Furniture and Interior Design atelier at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art. The renovated rooms on two floors are also equipped with refurbished furniture and have new windows and windowsills.

Do you want to spend your free time in a pleasant environment surrounded by natural beauty and cultural heritage sites, an ideal place to make trips, do sports or just relax? If this idea sounds appealing to you, visit Nečtiny Chateau north of Pilsen. The UWB Training and Accommodation Facility offers accommodation in newly renovated rooms in the chateau's east wing.

Nečtiny Chateau traditionally provides room and board for schools, sports clubs and corporate clientele. However, it is also a pleasant environment for couples or families with children to come and spend the weekend or a vacation. As of this year, the newly renovated part of the chateau offers a double room, two 3-person and two 4-person rooms.

The first floor bathroom features an infrared sauna and on the second floor guests will find a full kitchen. The original bathroom underwent complete refurbishment and a second bathroom was added.

The furnishings of all five rooms in this part of the chateau were added over the past two years and cost approximately CZK 100 thousand. The removal of the old windows and the installation of new windows and windowsills, which took place in late 2020, cost half a million CZK.

"On the chateau’s premises, sport enthusiasts can find a multipurpose sports field for playing volleyball, floorball, handball, basketball, floor hockey and football tennis. They can use an indoor gym with TRX, BOSU, Step Aerobics, Flowin and weightlifting equipment. There is also a football pitch near the chateau. Apart from that, there are a number of bike trails running past Nečtiny, so we recommend that visitors bring their bikes with them, or they can rent electric bikes or scooters from us," says the Nečtiny facility's manager, Štěpánka Špilerová. One of the largest rock-climbing locations in the Pilsen Region with the twin peak Kozelka Plateau is situated less than six kilometers from the chateau. There are sixty rock formations and walls with dozens of routes for climbers to choose from. Nečtiny is also one of three places in the Czech Republic with the least amount of light pollution, which makes it an ideal location for stargazing.

"For couples, we offer accommodation for one night as part of the Romantic Chateau package," says Štěpánka Špilerová, and adds that in the near future it should also be possible to book accommodation at Nečtiny on

The chateau and the surrounding park are open year round. There is a children's playground with monkey bars, a sand pit, a slide and a swing, and adults are sure to appreciate the chance to relax on the patio of the chateau restaurant.

The main wing of the chateau is also gradually undergoing reconstruction and renovation. New beds were purchased this year, and the second floor windows are being replaced. In the fall, the chateau's south terrace will be renovated using financial support from the Preservation and Recovery of Cultural Heritage Sites of the Pilsen Region 2022 subsidy program.

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The Nečtiny Training and Accommodation Facility

Šárka Stará

25. 07. 2022