Three days in the poetic world of illustrated fairy tales

Guests International Conference

This year´s Jiří Trnka International Symposium worked with the main topic of fairy tales in their traditional and non-traditional form. The three-day meeting of illustrators, animators and theorists from several countries included presentation of three first ever Jiří Trnka Awards.

The Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art held the symposium on illustration and animation for the second time. This year it commemorated the 110th anniversary of birh of the Pilsen native and world-renowned artist whose name the symposium bears. There were lectures and presentations by recognized artists and theorists from the Czech Republic, Japan, Portugal, Hungary, Colombia and Slovakia, who worked with the theme All the Colours of Fairy Tales within their own work and in the context of Jiří Trnka's work. Sutnar Faculty´s  successful graduates, as well as its current students were also given space to present their work. At the same time, the participants of the symposium had the opportunity to attend personal meetings, discussions, consultations and workshops led by visiting artists.

As part of the symposium, three laureates were awarded the Jiří Trnka Award for outstanding contribution to the field: the Japanese illustrator Iku Dekune, the Portuguese illustrator André Letria and the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava. At the same time, two new publications were presented – last year´s conference proceedings on the topic Inner Gardens and a unique bibliophile edition of the book Two Legends of the Grail with previously unpublished illustrations by Jiří Trnka. Jiří Trnka's son, artist Jan Trnka, was a special guest of the event.

The Sutnar Faculty took the general public on the journey to the world of illustrated fairy tales through five accompanying exhibitions which took place in cooperation with important cultural institutions in Pilsen – the Puppet Museum, the Incubator Gallery and the Study and Research Library of the Pilsen Region hosted a collection of student works ranging from illustrations, comics and paper objects to dioramas and introducing both Czech and international fairy tales in their traditional and non-traditional form. The exhibition at the Great Synagogue featured illustrations of renowned Czech and international illustrators, guests of the symposium. The Ladislav Sutnar Gallery presented the work of three laureates of the Jiří Trnka Award.

Jiří Trnka and his extensive and varied work remain an inspiration for new generations of illustrators, animators and artists. That is why the Sutnar Faculty holds a symposium which deals with various aspects of his work, gives the opportunity to meet artists and experts from all over the world, creates a space for discussion and experience sharing, and also involves young artists and students to give them a valuable professional and personal experience. Thanks to the accompanying programme, the symposium also enriches the cultural life in Pilsen.

Guests and lecturers /Jiří Trnka International Symposium 2022

Theoreticians: Jana Čeňková, Fanuel Hanán Díaz (Colombia), Markéta Formanová, Radim Kopáč Michaela Mertová, Emese Révész (Hungary), Andrea Sloupová

Institutions: Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (Slovakia)

Artists: Jindra Čapek, Iku Dekune (Japan), Aneta Holasová,  André Letria (Portugal), Filip Pošivač


Jiří Trnka International Symposium 2022 took place with the support of the City of Pilsen.

The symposium will now become a biennial event – the next one is planned for autumn 2024.


Japanese illustrator Iku Dekune presenting her work

The lectures and presentations attracted a large number of students

The symposium included workshops, consultations and discussions with visiting artists

Art theoretician Fanuel Hanán Díaz (Colombia) during his lecture

Portugese illustrator André Letria, one of the laureates of the Jiří Trnka Award

Exhibition opening at the Ladislav Sutnar Gallery

The accompanying exhibitions presented mostly student works on the topic All the Colours of Fairy Tales

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art

Lenka Kodýtková

30. 11. 2022