LUNCH TIME seminar - Department of Archaeology

26 April

26. dubna, 13:00

SP319 (Sedláčkova 15)

Guests Lecture Science

We invite you to a lecture by Gilly Carr from the University of Cambridge entitled: The case for proposing a pragmatic response towards Holocaust heritage in the 21st century.

Holocaust heritage can be found across Europe today, but in every single country it is suffering from problems, risks and challenges, ranging from climate change to political misappropriation, and from decay to destruction in war. While we all agree that it is important to preserve these sites of memory, the challenges we face are becoming harder and more expensive to tackle. Can we therefore suggest - or allow - more pragmatic approaches to safeguarding this heritage, or must all such sites have a function only of remembrance, commemoration and education? As the situation becomes more difficult, should we increase or efforts or relax them?


Faculty of Arts

Department of Archeology FA UWB

26. 04. 2023, 13:00

10 May

SP417 (Sedláčkova 15)

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10. 05. 2023, 11:10

10 April

Library Bory, Univerzitní 18, Plzeň

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10. 04. 2024, 17:00

22  -  22 February - March

Incubator Gallery, Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, Univerzitní 28, Pilsen

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21 February

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