The EUPeace Alliance is organizing an Academic Networking event

EUPeace International Cooperation

Register for the online meeting of academic and research professionals.

The EUPeace Alliance, of which the University of West Bohemia is a member, has planned a unique event for February 13. They will host an online meeting for academic and research professionals from all member universities of the alliance.

Those interested in the meeting will need to register in advance, and through a virtual space, they will have the opportunity to connect and find partners for mutual collaboration. This networking event opens up possibilities for the preparation and implementation of future joint projects beyond the planned activities of the alliance. It also encourages further collaboration in the areas of education and mobility. Participation in the event provides an opportunity for individuals to become part of the growing EUPeace community.

The goal of the EUPeace Alliance is to strengthen collaboration among partner universities by creating joint European study programs, establishing new multidimensional research collaborations, and enhancing the attractiveness of the involved universities to attract new international students and researchers. This aligns with the main idea behind the alliance's formation last year, which is the development of European education for a peaceful, inclusive, and just society.



Kamila Kolářová (translated by ChatGPT)

17. 01. 2024