The ball of the University of West Bohemia sold out Měšťanská beseda

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Star guests Tereza Mašková, Darija Pavlovičová, and Dominik Vodička showcased great singing and dancing performances.

The 30th ball of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň invited guests to the dance floor of the Měšťanská beseda in Plzeň and its adjacent areas on Friday, March 8th. There was such an interest in the event this time that it was already announced as sold out in advance. Everyone who purchased tickets on time was rewarded with an evening full of not only great dance but also vocal performances, entertainment, and pleasant company.

The winners of the 12th series of StarDance, Darija Pavlovičová and Dominik Vodička, showcased their dancing skills. However, before them, the dance floor belonged to a pre-dance performance by the Sedlecký Dance School and demonstrations of Latin American dances by children and junior pairs from the same school and the MZ Dance Team Plzeň.

The main star of the evening, singer Tereza Mašková, also participated in StarDance. However, at Měšťanská beseda, she appeared as the winner of Czech-Slovak Superstar 2018, with two albums to her credit and having sold out the Lucerna last year. She also enjoyed great success in Plzeň, where she performed with her band. She sufficiently warmed up the audience from the university community and the general public for dance lessons in czardas that followed.

Throughout the ball, the music of the Dance Orchestra Miroslav Novotný was heard for both dancing and listening pleasure. As it was held on International Women's Day, each attendee also received a flower.

We thank everyone who did not miss the University of West Bohemia ball for the atmosphere they helped to create.

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12. 03. 2024