AI and law from a Czech-French perspective. The Faculty of law WBU hosted International conference

Conference Cooperation

"Artificial Intelligence and the Legal World: Perspectives of France and the Czech Republic" was the title of the international conference organized by the CBA and the Faculty of Law at the WBU. The participants discussed the first global convention on AI and human rights by the Council of Europe.

The Francophone Association Masaryk, a long-term partner of the Czech Bar Association, organized the international conference for Czech and French lawyers and legal trainees on May 23, 2024, in cooperation with the Czech Bar Association and the Faculty of Law at ZČU.

The main theme of the annual conference, held in the historic premises of the Faculty of Law at ZČU, was the issue of artificial intelligence in the legal world, particularly from the perspectives of the Czech Republic and France. The conference was conducted in English and French, with 40 participants in attendance. The organizers timed the conference perfectly, considering the recently adopted legislative acts, specifically the first global convention on artificial intelligence and human rights by the Council of Europe on May 17, 2024, and the long-awaited EU Artificial Intelligence Act, approved by the EU Council on May 21, 2024.

The international conference was officially opened by Eva Indruchová, Secretary of the Masaryk Association, who then handed over to Stanislav Balík, Dean of the Faculty of Law at WBU and current President of the Masaryk Association, who welcomed all participants to the faculty. Among the speakers were lawyers Yves Laurin, David Řemínek, Damien Pattyn, Veronika Macurová Křížová, and technologist Martin Švík. The series of lectures concluded with Eva Indruchová, founder of the Wellinlo-wellbeing of lawyers initiative, with a lecture on "Digital Wellbeing."

The conference was met with great positive feedback from all participants. Next year's annual international conference will be held in Bordeaux, France.


Faculty of Law

Vendulka Valentová (Translated by Deep.l)

11. 06. 2024