AimtecHackathon 2024: Programming teams will be helping people with disabilities

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The Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is once again involved in a traditional event for young programmers.

"Code for Good" is the subtitle for the second time for the traditional Pilsen event, where programming teams will try to design applications or create solutions to support specific individuals living with disabilities. They will have exactly 40 hours for their work. However, over the weekend of March 8-10, the Moving Station cultural center will not only be the venue for the programmers' competition. Saturday's program will offer lectures for technology enthusiasts, and on Sunday, there will also be an interesting program for families with children.

The main goal of the #AimtecHackathon event is to help—design tools that will make life easier for people with disabilities. The effectiveness of this form of assistance is demonstrated by a successful project from last year when a team of hackers designed an application to control a special keyboard created using 3D printing. Thanks to it, Lenka, who struggles with the consequences of childhood polio, can listen to audiobooks, watch YouTube, or write emails and text messages.

This year, teams will face the challenge of designing applications for blind Lukáš, tools for picture communication for children with autism spectrum disorder, or working with a special controller for games that train motor skills and short-term memory.

"In addition to assistance, another important goal of the hackathon is to provide young programmers with the opportunity to try teamwork, demonstrate effective collaboration, plan a project, and manage development and production within a set time frame," explains the main organizer of the event, Petra Šteklová from the organizing company Aimtec. Programmers won't be alone in this task. In addition to modern technologies, they will receive support and advice from mentors specializing in data, artificial intelligence, graphics, or project management. "Thanks to our experience and the knowledge of mentors from the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and various technological companies, we can support programmers, who are mostly students, to learn something new and also help where it is needed," adds Petra Šteklová.

Saturday's lecture program will also focus on the theme of technology and its meaningful use. How can artificial intelligence help manage humanitarian crises and how can it be used in healthcare? How far has 3D printing and digital manufacturing technology advanced? Or how was Karel Gott's digital voiceprint created using speech synthesis? Visitors will get answers to these questions on Saturday, March 9, as part of the TechTalks lecture series. Everyone—students, professionals, and the general public—is welcome to attend.

Sunday, March 10, will be dedicated to children and their parents. Educational organizations and schools have prepared stations for visitors aged 6-16, where they can try programming robots, connecting Minecraft and electronics, drones, artificial intelligence, or 3D printing through games.

Do you feel like participating? Sign up at and come take a peek into the world of new technologies. Additionally, the program for children is free after registration.

AIMTEC a.s. organizes the event with partners, including the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, AWS, Deloitte, SpeechTech, the IT Management of the City of Pilsen, iNFINITE Production,,, HERO CLAN, NIVY Watch, Applifting, 3Dees Industries, the Leisure Center RADOVÁNEK, Secondary Technical School and Vocational School of Electrical Engineering Pilsen, Campo Arduino, nvias, G+SOŠ Rokycany, Bav se vědou, ABC, Happenee, and Bageterie Boulevard.

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15. 02. 2024