Artificial intelligence – ally or enemy?

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The rapid emergence of artificial intelligence and its tools brings many changes that need to be addressed. Therefore, the Sutnar Faculty organised a lecture series on Artificial Intelligence for its students, offering different perspectives from experts on this timely topic.

Given its current capabilities and rapid development, the question arises: Will AI replace artists?
For now, at least, we don't have to worry about that. What is certain, however, is that it is already influencing their work in numerous ways, as it is in many other fields. With the constant development and improvement of artificial intelligence, it is important to keep track and be able to integrate AI tools into the creative process, to make them an ally rather than an enemy.

The February meeting brought information from the field of copyright law, presented to the students by Adéla Faladová, Head of the Copyright Department at the Ministry of Culture. Her presentation was, among other things, a reminder that history repeats itself. Each new technology brings new challenges. When it comes to artificial intelligence, there are numerous challenges to consider - from questions of authorship and intellectual property to issues of privacy and cybersecurity. The second and equally interesting topic of the day was patent protection for computer programs and artificial intelligence. Daniela Harantová from the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic spoke about computer-implemented inventions.

Participants of the March workshop with designer Lenka Hámošová explored the use of generative tools in the creative process. The design students not only gained an overview of current generative AI tools and their possibilities and appropriate uses in the design process, but most importantly, they understood how to use these tools in a balanced way to support their own creative input. The workshop was followed by lectures given by architect, designer and founder of the Braasi brand, Eliška Slámová, and by Lenka Hámošová. The lectures also focused on the use of artificial intelligence in the creative process. They provided a reflection on how artificial intelligence is changing the work of designers, discussed the issues with authorship, and gave concrete examples of products designed using AI.

In April, thanks to a presentation by Petr Koubský, journalist and science and technology editor at Deník N, we gained insight into the principles of large language models and contemplated the future of professions dependent on text generation. The pessimistic view suggests that AI can completely replace humans in the area of written texts, while the optimistic view anticipates that the automation of routine processes will give us more space to develop our creative abilities. One thing is certain: the process of reshaping and redefining creative work has already begun.

The second guest at the April meeting was Israeli artist Zachi Diner, Head of the Visual Communication Department at the Holon Institute of Technology. In his presentation, he summarised the development of artificial intelligence and its tools, which he likes to explore and use in his practice and as a teacher. He emphasized that these tools are already integral to the creative process, offering many new possibilities not only for artists and designers. At the same time he stressed the importance of maintaining a balance and holding on to qualities that distinguish humans from machines - creativity, passion and courage.


Adéla Faladová spoke about copyright law and AI

Daniela Harantová and her lecture on patent protection in the field of AI

Lenka Hámošová led a workshop on integrating AI into the creative process

The workshop provided participants with a hands-on experience

Designer Eliška Slámová shared her experience with using AI tools in the creative process

Petr Koubský provided insight into the principles of large language models

Zachi Diner calls for finding a balance while taking advantage of all the possibilities that AI tools offer

The AI lecture series took place at the faculty´s Multilab

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art

Lenka Kodýtková

18. 04. 2024