Colleagues from Finland and France visited FZS

Guests International Cooperation

Further mutual cooperation in the field of exchange mobilities and research is emerging with the Finnish Tampere University of Applied Science and the French Institut Du Thermalisme Université de Bordeaux, whose representatives had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Faculty of Health Care St

In the week of 10 June, the Faculty of Health Care Studies hosted Finnish colleagues Marika Mettälä and Anne Mäenpää from Tampere University of Applied Science (TAMK) and French colleagues from the Institut Du Thermalisme Université de Bordeaux, located in Dax, France, which focuses on research and education related to mineral water, health and well-being. Marika Mettälä is the head of the midwifery programme, Anne Mäenpää is the head of the nursing programme and a nurse specialising in paediatrics. As regards the professional position of the French colleagues, Dr Sybille Ramon Dupuy is Head of Studies and Researcher, and Odile Eloy-Tran Van Chuoï is responsible for the Continuing Education Department.

Discussions were held with all the representatives of these universities regarding future mutual cooperation. With the Finnish colleagues, cooperation within the midwifery and general nursing study programmes was discussed in terms of exchange mobility of students and academics, as well as scientific research cooperation. In the framework of knowledge and information sharing, colleagues Marika and Anne also met with Czech colleagues covering the Midwifery study programme as well as with a colleague representing the Department of Nursing and Midwifery. The meeting with French colleagues focused on cooperation and information sharing in the field of balneology.

Our colleagues Marika and Anne visited our partner Mulačova Hospital, where they had the opportunity to see the multidisciplinary ICU, the Neonatal Ward and the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Ward accompanied by the head nurse. They got acquainted with the hospital and the care of their patients. Colleagues Sybille and Odile visited the University Hospital Plzeň, visited the Department of Medical Rehabilitation accompanied by a senior physiotherapist and learned how hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and the physical therapy part with gyms work and also had a look at the inpatient part of the department. We would like to thank our partners for the opportunity to conduct the tours.

The next part of the visit was of course a tour of the Faculty of Health Care Studies and familiarization with the professional classrooms and the simulation centre, followed by a tour of the university campus. The cultural part of the programme included a tour of the historical centre of Pilsen with all its sights and a visit to Pilsner Urquell Brewery.

We appreciate this Finnish and French visit to our faculty and look forward to future cooperation!


Faculty of Health Care Studies

Lucie Brůžková

17. 06. 2024