Cooperation between the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and OTH Regensburg has lasted for 18 years

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Almost 900 students have passed the thirty-three organized courses.

The course has been running continuously since 2005, introducing students from the fields of electrical engineering and mechatronics not only to the Matlab software and its use in electrical engineering applications. The intensive course taught together with colleagues from OTH Regensburg is provided by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Modeling on behalf of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

The course, which demonstrates the use of Matlab / Simulink, Julia, or LTspice languages and programs for modeling and simulation of various phenomena in the field of electronics, but also mechanics, has long been of great interest. The students apply the acquired skills not only in their studies but also in practice. Knowledge of Matlab/Simulink is in high demand, not only in German companies. The course responds flexibly to new developments in this software and languages and to current trends in modeling and simulation.

The course is also a valuable experience for the lecturers, especially for the Ph.D. students traditionally responsible for part of it. In addition to the Ph.D. students, permanent staff members of the Department also participate in teaching. This year's lecturers were Ph.D. students Martin Juřík and Jan Kaska and researchers and lecturers David Pánek and Karel Slobodník. Expert patronage is provided by Prof. Zdeňka Benešová and Prof. Rainer Haller. They also collaborate in the teaching and preparation of the course.

In 18 years, almost 900 students have passed through the 33 organized courses. The traditional course further facilitates scientific cooperation between the two institutions, facilitating several exchange placements over the years.


Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Jan Kaska

23. 08. 2023