EU AI ACT: A Challenge for Europe and Beyond

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The Department of Philosophy and CCS-Lab UWB invite you to a workshop (May 3, 2024, 10:30-16:00, room SP319, Sedláčkova 15, Pilsen) to reflect on the AI Act, its rationale and expected implications from a philosophical viewpoint and the perspective of practice.

The introductory lectures will be given by Jan Romportl ( and Pavel Petrman (Leuze). The core of the workshop will be presentations by students of the Philosophy for Artificial Intelligence programme – Kateřina Mrázková, Tereza Sinkulová, Viktor Jack, Lukáš Pazderník and Vojtěch Polívka. The workshop will be closed by the PhD students of the Department of Philosophy who deal with artificial intelligence in interdisciplinary contexts – Jana Švadlenková, Jan Fršlínek and Jan Tvrz. The workshop is planned as a discussion forum on the current societal topic of AI regulation. It is open to those interested in the University of West Bohemia's academic community and the public. 

The practical implementation of the AI Act poses several philosophical and ethical dilemmas that challenge the entire globalised world. The workshop will discuss some of them, such as: how to understand the central values that hold the EU community together in the context of the global AI transformation; how to regulate AI and not jeopardize the development of scientific knowledge or economic competitiveness; how to protect AI users who mostly do not understand its principles; how to use technologies for biometric identification or emotion recognition and preserve the right to privacy. 

The workshop is organized to develop the Philosophy for Artificial Intelligence follow-up study programme, implemented at the UWB in cooperation among the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Cybernetics and the Department of Computer Science from 2021. 

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Contact and further information: Radek Schuster 

(Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, UWB):

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21. 04. 2024