Education as a Strategic Investment. The President of the Chamber of Commerce came to visit UWB

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The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen presented its fields of cutting-edge research to representatives of the Chamber of Commerce. Both institutions agreed that it is necessary for technological companies in the region to participate in education, science, and research, including their financing.
Energy, transportation infrastructure, data networks, and rental housing - four main areas that Zdeněk Zajíček, the President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, considers strategic investments for the future functioning of the Czech economy. "If we don't react promptly, other regions in Europe will surpass us, and perhaps they already have," said Zdeněk Zajíček, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, at the meeting with the university leadership.

According to the rector of the University of West Bohemia, Miroslav Lávička, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce, one of the timely reactions needed is to involve the private sector more in the higher education system. Companies lacking highly skilled workers should more frequently assist in education, perhaps through scholarships, especially in future-oriented fields involved in chip, semiconductor, or quantum technology development.

According to the rector, education should also be part of the state's strategic investments. " The demographic curve is unforgiving; we are aware that state budget revenues will be lower in the coming years, so universities cannot and should not rely entirely on it. We want companies to financially contribute to the education of the new generation of professionals because it's the prosperous schools that will attract the best," said rector Miroslav Lávička at the meeting.

After an hour-long debate at the rectorate building, a tour of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and its research center RICE followed. Dean Zdeněk Peroutka guided the group through laboratories where researchers are engaged in chip, semiconductor, and electromobility technology development.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce invited the University of West Bohemia leadership to further discuss the future of the Czech economy at the conference, which will take place in June in Prague with the participation of the Czech Government and the President of the Republic, Petr Pavel.


Photo: Czech Chamber of Commerce


Andrea Čandová (translated by ChatGPT)

08. 03. 2024