From Sutnar Faculty to New Zealand and back

International Cooperation Achievements

Kristýna Nejedlá Bujárková, a master's programme student in the Painting Studio at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art became the fourth resident of the Gottfried Lindauer Artist in Residence program. The residency takes place every two years in Woodville (New Zealand).

Gottfried Lindauer (1839–1926), a native of Plzeň, who is considered a New Zealand painter of Czech origin, spent a part of his active years in Woodville, where he is also buried. His journey to New Zealand laid the foundation for residencies provided to the Sutnar Faculty students by the Gottfried Lindauer Studio, under the auspices of the Woodville Art and History organization.  

This year, Kristýna Nejedlá Bujárková, a master's programme student in the Painting Studio, became the fourth resident in Woodville. "The residency in New Zealand was a unique  opportunity for me not only to expand my artistic horizons but also to understand the local culture and nature. Being part of this community for ten weeks allowed me not only to fully concentrate on my work but also to establish close relationships with people who helped me better understand the true essence of New Zealand." Kristýna evaluates her stay.

The residents in Woodville are taken care of by the McIntyre family, who initiated the programme and, besides providing facilities, also facilitates the residents' first contact with the local community. Close contact with the locals is one of the significant benefits of the entire residency. "Many local residents took me on trips around the area, and their interpretations and shared stories added another dimension to my perspective on the place. It was fascinating for me to see how many things have spiritual symbolism and how deeply rooted the culture is in harmony with nature." Kristýna recalls her stay. Regular visits by locals to her studio and lengthy discussions about the paintings she worked on are considered inspiring and stimulating for both artists and observers. The presence of an artist in such a small community as Woodville (approximately 1400 inhabitants) acts, among other things, as a cohesive element, which is another benefit of the entire programme.

Kristýna's stay in Woodville took place from 19 February to 26 April this year and culminated in her exhibition at the local Rinitawa Art and History Galleries. During two months of intensive work, 12 paintings were created, inspired by the forms of local natural objects. The paua shell most frequently appears in her paintings, resonating with the theme of Kristýna's thesis – Nature and Intimacy. "One of the highlights of my stay was exhibiting the final version of my project at the Rinitawa Art and History gallery in Woodville. The opportunity to present my work to the local audience was a great honor for me and also a chance to show how I can connect my creations with the local culture and environment. The opening of my exhibition, which took place on 4 April, was very successful, and attendees from the local community showed great interest in the entire residency. This event was a great opportunity to meet with local journalists, and thus, my work gained wider media attention." says Kristýna.

Kristýna Nejedlá Bujárková's paintings will also be part of an exhibition, presenting works by Sutnar Faculty students who participated in foreign residencies. The exhibition will take place in the Incubator Gallery at the end of November and December 2024. Currently, a publication about the residency in New Zealand is also being prepared.


Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art

Monika Bechná

29. 05. 2024