Inspired by the present, creates the future. FAV researchers presented at Technica Futura about AI

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Threat or an opportunity? The possibility of the latest models of artificial intelligence were the main topic of the Technica Futura conference, which was organized by the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen. Among attendees were experts from the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

How long did it take to create Karel Gott's voice with artificial intelligence? Is it possible to imitate everyone's voice like that? What about ethics? These questions were answered at the Technica Futura conference by Jindřich Matoušek from FAV, who presented the audience with the current possibilities of speech technologies that are being developed at the University of West Bohemia. At the same time, according to him, these technologies are nothing new. They have been working with them at the Department of Cybernetics since the nineties - but the progress is noticeable.

"For example, we also deal with automatic voice conservation, which works as an aid for patients who are at risk of losing their voice. Together with our partners, the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague and the software companies SpeechTech and CertiCon, we designed a process in which people record their voice at home while they can still speak, and we create a copy of it from the recordings, which they then speak from various devices," explained Matoušek. Where the voice created by artificial intelligence does not exactly help, strict rules apply. For example, it is not possible to spread statements in the real voice of personalities that never have been said.

According to dean Miloš Železný, examples of such research that respond to current events and move humanity forward are the reason why FAV UWB is the right choice for technology enthusiasts. "I want the faculty to be seen as a well-equipped shop. Do you want to study mathematics - but rather focus on finance? We have something for you. Do you want to go into the construction field and do you rather see yourself as a developer? We have the offer as well," said the dean at the beginning of the conference.

Marek Hrúz then presented to the participants in the hall from the ranks of teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs how AI can work in the field of computer vision. He too is proof that Czech (and Pilsen) AI development has a name in the world. "Is the picture or portrait of a person real, or generated by artificial intelligence and such a person never existed?" Another question that, according to Mark Hrúz, we should ask ourselves more and more often with the rise of artificial intelligence. Both scientists who presented their research, but unequivocally argues that AI models need to be taken as an opportunity.

The Technica Futura conference, organized by the Information Technology Administration of the city of Pilsen, was held in the West Bohemian metropolis for the second time.



Andrea Čandová

12. 04. 2024