Little researchers enjoyed the Children's Academy at the Faculty of Science

Seminar Study Employees

Future nurses and paramedics took a peek under the hood of all non-medical fields of study during the Friday meetings.

The pilot programme of the Children's Academy of the Faculty of Health Studies in Pilsen was implemented from January to June 2024.

A total of 13 Friday meetings were held at the Faculty of Health Sciences, where young junior nurses and young junior paramedics delved into the secrets of all non-medical fields of study offered by the faculty. The assistant professors and assistants, also representing the various fields of study, gave very engaging presentations on the fields of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Midwifery, Laboratory Diagnostics in Healthcare, Radiological Assisting and Paramedic Rescue. The programme included many practical demonstrations and model situations.

Future nurses and paramedics had the opportunity, for example, to try out resuscitation training on models, to give birth to a baby, to immerse themselves in research in the laboratory or to work with a virtual autopsy room and thus get a 3D view into the bowels of the human body. Another great experience was a visit to the FZS simulation centre, which houses a special classroom equipped with an ambulance simulator.

The Children's Academy was unconventionally ended with arttherapy, which took place in the form of a workshop of wirework, which took place in the premises of the Watchtower of the ZČU in Jungmannova Street.

What one little researcher liked the most is the drawn picture placed in the photo gallery, for which we thank you very much.

We are very happy and appreciate the fact that the Children's Academy has reaped great success and enthusiasm to explore and learn the secrets of the human body.


Faculty of Health Care Studies

Lucie Brůžková

21. 06. 2024