New Minister for Science and Research visited UWB. At his Alma Mater discussed the science budget

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Newly appointed Minister for Science and Research, Marek Ženíšek, initiated discussions with universities about the budget for science and better communication of research results to the public at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (UWB). On June 20 2024, he met with the UWB leadership.

Marek Ženíšek completed his doctoral program in Political Science at UWB, taught in the same field at the Faculty of Arts, and served as the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Health Care Studies for two years. "Everyone likes to return to places where they feel good. And I am glad to be here again, where I not only received my education but also worked professionally. Today, I am here for the first time as a minister," said Minister Marek Ženíšek during his visit to UWB.

The Minister for Science and Research presented his three main priorities for the upcoming months in office to the UWB leadership: efforts to increase the budget for science and research, preparation of a new law to support research, and the need to improve so-called Science Communication.

The main research topics that the minister plans to support within the science and research budget align with those that UWB also considers a strategic investment. Rector Miroslav Lávička therefore presented the current research and future plans of UWB in the areas of semiconductors, quantum technologies, AI, as well as "societal megatrends," such as research projects related to demography, energy, and sustainability. "The minister knows from his own experience that incorporating research topics into a social-scientific context is an integral part of scientific research. Our research solutions are never purely technological; we always strive to fully leverage the multidisciplinary character of UWB," explained Rector Miroslav Lávička.

There was also agreement between the UWB leadership and Minister Ženíšek that not only science itself and its financial support are essential tools for tackling societal challenges, but universities must also be able to communicate the results of their work and their benefits more clearly and understandably. "We are constantly thinking about how to better inform the public that we are not just a closed campus in Pilsen conducting research for ourselves, but that our discoveries, patents, and systematic research are continuously advancing society and that our presence in the city and region is truly crucial for their sustainable development," emphasized the rector of ZČU.

"If I am asking institutions to be more active and clearer in presenting their results, I consider it my duty to actively engage and explain my goals and actions, including visiting universities and other research institutions to ask what they need to be more active beyond lecture halls and laboratories. I am glad I could start this approach at my home university," concluded Marek Ženíšek.


Minister Marek Ženíšek visited his Alma mater. It was his first time in the new role.

Rector Miroslav Lávička gifted the Minister a book on Science communication.

Rector and Vice-rector presented the main research topics of the University of West Bohemia.


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21. 06. 2024