Professor Jaroslav Šesták, Recipient of State Medal for Science and Education, Has Passed Away

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With deep sorrow, we announce the passing of Professor Jaroslav Šesták, a recipient of the Medal of Merit for Contributions to the State in the Field of Science and Education.

Professor Šesták, who served at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen at the NTC Research Center and the Faculty of Art, has passed away. He dedicated himself to thermal physics and thermodynamics and played a pivotal role in various fields such as kinetic phase diagrams, glass-forming theory, economic thermodynamics, and non-isothermal kinetics. His research and contributions, notably his Šesták–Berggren equation, have influenced numerous scientific studies.

Among the pivotal moments of his professional life were his internships abroad, including at the Studsvik Institute for Nuclear Research in Sweden, the University of Missouri in the USA, Kyoto University in Japan, and Taiwan. Professor Šesták was instrumental in establishing several significant institutions such as the School of Energy Science at Kyoto University in Japan, the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Prague, and the Czech branch of the University of New York in Prague, where he also lectured for twenty years.

His most visible professional achievement was the publication of a triptych of specialized publications by the renowned Springer publishing house, including titles such as "Glassy, Amorphous and Nano-Crystalline Materials" (2011), "Thermal Analysis of Micro, Nano- and Non-Crystalline Materials" (2013), and "Thermal Physics and Thermal Analysis" (2017). These books are among the most successful titles of Springer Publishing. Additionally, he authored and edited approximately 15 books and wrote over three hundred scientific papers. In 2000, he was listed among the twenty most frequently cited Czech physicists in thermodynamics. His extensive work also includes the popular science book "Světem badatele," which presents experiences from his travels, anecdotes from his scientific life, and popular science texts.

"Jarda Šesták led an extraordinary life. He was not only a top scientist but also a traveler, photographer, glossator..., and above all, a great friend. It was a great honor for me to collaborate with him, share his stories, and his infectious zest for life," says Miroslav Holeček.

Jaroslav Šesták was honored with the highest awards from the Czech Academy of Sciences (Heyrovský Medal) and the Czech Chemical Society (Hanuš Medal), and he received numerous other international accolades, attesting to his significant contributions to the field of science.

The farewell to Professor Šesták will take place on May 22, 2024, at 2:00 PM at the Hus Congregation Church in Dejvice, Prague.


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Dita Sládková

13. 05. 2024