Project center organized a seminar on announced projects by GA ČR

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Interest in projects of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic is extraordinary every year, and therefore the Project Center organized a seminar where participants learned practical information and tips for project preparation.

The Project Center of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen held a morning seminar on Friday, March 1st, concerning the announced competitions of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic for the year 2025.

The aim of the event was to acquaint attendees with the competitions and provide them with practical tips, advice, and recommendations for writing particularly the formal parts of the project proposal, including the budget. In connection with the training, a summary presentation, a sample project proposal, and a manual for writing project proposals were created. Additionally, a handbook summarizing evaluation protocols and assessments from previous years was introduced. All materials are gathered in the Alfresco Project Center repository.

The target audience of the seminar were primarily researchers planning to submit a project proposal to the currently announced competition for the first time, as well as project and financial managers.

The Project Center has published processed materials for all employees of the University of West Bohemia and recommends their distribution to individual departments to ensure that the created documents reach the widest possible audience.

We thank all participants.

Project proposals can be submitted until April 3, 2024 (the PC deadline is March 21, 2024).

Project Centre

Markéta Laiblová

14. 03. 2024