Research Topics and Education Funding. Deputy Speaker of the Chamber Karel Havlíček Visited UWB

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University of West Bohemia Rector Miroslav Lávička highlighted the main research topics addressed by the university. He also emphasized the necessity of improving higher education funding.

In the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic there is currently amendment to the bill on higher education institutions, which is important for the University of West Bohemia (UWB) regarding the preparation of the university's strategic direction in the coming years. The bill should, among other things, support internationalization, for example, by providing support for foreign students coming to Czech universities, and it should also improve conditions for doctoral students. This was also discussed during the meeting between Deputy Speaker of the Chamber Karel Havlíček and UWB Rector Miroslav Lávička. The meeting was also attended by Member of Parliament Jana Berkovcová and Vice-Rector for External Relations Jan Váně.

According to ZČU Rector Miroslav Lávička, the introduction of minimum incomes for full-time doctoral students should be accompanied by clear and stricter criteria for their selection according to the bill. "We are in the phase of preparing strategic documents for 2026 and beyond, we must know what to expect in the future, also considering the budget," said Rector Lávička.

According to Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Karel Havlíček, support for science and research is crucial. "I am glad that the University of West Bohemia is developing this area in the right direction. In the Country for the Future strategy, we clearly stated that our goal is to move towards a technological powerhouse that will bring a significant increase in added value. We know from examples such as Denmark or Ireland that it is possible," said Deputy Speaker Havlíček during the meeting.

During the meeting, the Rector also presented to the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament the main research topics of UWB, which include quantum technologies, semiconductors and chips, modern energy, artificial intelligence, and related societal, legislative, and economic aspects. "I believe that by emphasizing future fields and opening up further study programs focused on them, we will be able to increase the number of students to 14,000 within three years," explained the Rector. According to him, this will require both national and regional support and intensification of cooperation with the city of Plzeň and the Plzeň and Karlovy Vary regions in the mentioned areas, as it is a common interest of all parties involved.


From left: Deputy Speaker Karel Havlíček, Rector Miroslav Lávička, Member of Parliament Jana Berkovcová, Vice-Rector Jan Váně

Leadership of UWB and representatives of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic discussed the state of higher education and support for science and research.

UWB Rector presented the main research topics of the university.


Andrea Čandová

29. 04. 2024