Renáta Fučíková and students share their passion for illustration

Public Exhibition

The Gočár Gallery in Pardubice hosts an exceptional exhibition entitled AWAKENING PASSION THROUGH ILLUSTRATION: Books and projects created in the studio of Renáta Fučíková. The exhibition is open until 3 May 2024.

Renáta Fučíková, one of the internationally recognized illustrators, is in addition to her own artwork also engaged in teaching - during her seven years at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, she has managed to pass on her passion for the field to dozens of students. The subtitle of the exhibition refers to two creative studios presented in a mutual context.

Renáta Fučíková's own studio is represented by a selection from over thirty years of her artistic work, as well as a new book Královny a poutníci: Příběhy prvního tisíciletí (Queens and Pilgrims: Stories of the First Millennium). The concept of the Didactic Illustration Studio, which she heads at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, is represented by examples of thematic projects such as České hrdinky (Czech Heroines), presented in various countries of the world, or the current project Nezapomenutelná dvacátá (The Unforgettable Twenties), by illustrations for educational exhibitions of respected institutions and also by contributions to the Jiří Trnka International Symposium held by the Faculty. This presentation also reveals cooperation with other studios of the Faculty as well as overlaps with other disciplines. Another part of the exhibition gives the opportunity to compare the book illustrations, which were originally created as university qualification works, with the exhibited originals, and get at least a general idea of the process leading to the final result. Even though their authors come from the same studio, the variety of approaches and techniques shows the unique, distinctive paths each of them takes. For Renáta Fučíková, it is essential to awaken passion – in students, readers, viewers.

The exhibition is taking place under the auspices of Vojtěch Aubrecht, Dean of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art.

Curator: Andrea Sloupová
Photo: Stanislav Vaněk


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