Czech universities are jointly launching a campaign to showcase their contributions to society

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"Universities for Society" is the name of the new initiative by the Czech Rectors Conference, which highlights the important role of universities for the public. The social media campaign will start on June 12th, the schools will take turns featuring.

They educate over 300,000 students and employ nearly 60,000 people – but universities and colleges are not merely educational centers. They also benefit society through research and services that have a positive social impact in all areas of life. A series of posts on social media platforms X and Facebook from mid-June will showcase the wide range of Czech universities and the various ways they contribute to the development of Czech society and everyday life.

In the coming months, one of the more than forty universities, both public and private, ranging from arts to technical schools, will be presented each week. “The aim of the initiative is to bring the activities that benefit society closer to the general public. These benefits may sometimes be less noticeable and quantifiable, but they always contribute to the prosperity, safety, and cohesion of the entire society,” explains Milena Králíčková, Chairwoman of the Czech Rectors Conference and Rector of Charles University.

The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen will be featured at the beginning of 2025. "Constantly reminding everyone that investment in higher education is an investment in the future of our country is extremely important. That's why, at the University of West Bohemia, we have long been striving to show that the university brings economic growth and prosperity to the city and the region, helps attract investors, serves as a natural center of culture and art, and significantly contributes to community development. And when our turn comes, we will showcase exactly that in our campaign," said Miroslav Lávička, the rector of the University of West Bohemia.

Universities and colleges aim to present their significant scientific discoveries and values with societal impact, which take the form of studies, analyses, patents or licenses, the establishment of spin-off companies, the provision of expert services, consultations, and research in key areas. The positive impact also extends to the quality of services (social, healthcare, cultural, etc.).


Source: Czech Rectors Conference

Source: Czech Rectors Conference

Source: Czech Rectors Conference


press release by Czech Rectors Confrence, Andrea Čandová

06. 06. 2024