Students of the Faculty of Law were familiarizing themselves with the combating of organized crime

Cooperation Students

Students of the Faculty of Law completed an internship at the National Center against Organized Crime of the Criminal Police and Investigation Service (NCOZ), a unit of the Czech Republic Police with nationwide jurisdiction.
As part of the collaboration with the Faculty of Law at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, NCOZ organized a week-long internship for a selected group of students at its facilities. The students completed the internship at the central office in Prague, while some also worked at regional branches.

Throughout the internship, individually assigned mentors, who were members of the unit, not only provided students with a closer insight into its operations but also allowed them to familiarize themselves with parts of selected exemplary cases and participate in certain procedures. In addition to the assigned mentors, several other members of the unit also engaged with the students. During the internship, the students worked on an assigned case, which the mentor evaluated at the end.

According to the participants, the internship was highly beneficial and contributed to connecting theoretical knowledge of criminal law with practical application, with a particular emphasis on practical examples presented by the unit members. They also appreciated the insight into the actual functioning of NCOZ, which provided them with a better understanding of the activities of the Czech Republic Police in criminal proceedings.


Faculty of Law

Vilém Knoll

10. 03. 2024