Talents from Pilsen dominated the comic scene: Exceptional success at the Muriel Awards

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On Wednesday 21 February, the 17th annual Muriel Comics Awards were held at the Edison Filmhub in Prague. Nominees from the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art succeeded in two categories: Best Short Comic and the Magnesia Award for Best Student Comic.

Kateřina Illnerová from the Comics and Illustration for Children Studio stood out in the Best Short Comic category. She impressed the jury with her adaptation of the story Schovanec (The Outcast), which was created as part of the traditional comic symposium organised by the Klatovy / Klenová Gallery. This year the symposium focused on the centenary of the death of Karel Klostermann. According to the jury, the work stands out for its colourful and thoughtful layout, which draws the reader into a dynamic story full of rhythm, speed and surprises.

Other nominees were Anežka Nováková, also from the Comics and Illustration for Children Studio, for her work Pasti (Traps), and Václav Šlajch, head of the Media Illustration Studio, for Just Another Day in Cumbria.

In the Best Student Comic category, Martin Schütz's Trať (The Railway Track) won for its imaginative use of the dynamics of the comic page and the rhythm of the story. The jury, consisting of David Böhm (artist), Markéta Hajská (comic scriptwriter), Viktor Janiš (translator), Pavel Kořínek (comic historian and theorist) and Tomáš Stejskal (film and comic critic), evaluated Martin Schütz's bachelor's thesis as follows:

"The comic seemingly depicts a single train journey. However, this dense work creatively utilizes the dynamics of the comic page, rhythmically guiding the journey with the steady beat of the clattering railway sleepers. It is less concerned with reaching a destination than with reflecting on themes of time, chaos, and order, as well as exploring the painful echoes of the past."

Anežka Nováková and Alina Pylaeva were also nominated for their works Rabbit Delirium and Dreams Around.  The winner of the Muriel Comics Award is Štěpánka Jislová, a graduate of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art. Her autobiographical comic novel about a break-up, Srdcovka (Heartbreak), won three awards: Best Screenplay, Best Comic Book and the Main Prize of the Czech Academy of Comics.


Kateřina Illnerová - Schovanec

Kateřina Illnerová - Schovanec

Anežka Nováková - Pasti

Václav Šlajch - Just Another Day in Cumbria

Martin Schütz - Trať

Martin Schütz - Trať

Martin Schütz - Trať

Anežka Nováková - Králičí delirium

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14. 03. 2024