The Children's Academy at the Faculty of Health Care Studies has started

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The first meeting offered an insight into the mysteries of the microworld and successfully launched a new project at the Faculty of Health Care Studies.

On Friday 19th January the Children's Academy of the Faculty of Health Care Studies of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen started. Eight future non-medical juniors had the opportunity to have a look at the fascinating world of microscopy in the chemistry laboratory at the Faculty of Health Care Studies.

The first part of the introductory meeting was devoted to the cell cycle observed on onion root tips. The children took a sample of the root tip, which they then processed themselves in the laboratory. They were able to observe not only the structure of the plant tissue itself, but also the different phases of cell growth, which are abundant in the apical meristem of the bulb.

Furthermore, the little researchers could learn information about human cells, specifically blood cells, which they observed from blood smears. Thus, they gained knowledge of which types of blood cells are found in human blood, what their functions are, and how they can be distinguished in a slide.

The first meeting was clearly a success, the children were delighted to be able to try working with the microscope, and they are already looking forward to the next one, which is scheduled for 9th February 2024. This time, they will have a look at the magic and mystery of imaging techniques, as they will get a glimpse of the Radiological Assistance study programme.


Faculty of Health Care Studies

Lucie Brůžková

25. 01. 2024