The Faculty of Education rounded off the celebrations with the presentation of a book of memories

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The publication '¾ century of the Pilsen Pedagogical Faculty in Memories' will interest and delight everyone who studied or taught at the Pilsen Pedagogical Faculty.

On Wednesday, March 13, Semler's residence in Pilsen hosted the christening of the publication ¾ century of the Pilsen Pedagogical Faculty in Memories. The book, containing more than two dozen interviews with prominent educators and graduates of today's Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, was created under the leadership of Naděžda Morávková, head of the history department, in collaboration with a nine-member student team from the same department. It commemorates the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Education in Pilsen.

The whole evening was spent in a pleasant spirit. The students read several excerpts from the publication, which alternately aroused smiles, reflection and a little nostalgia in the packed audience. There were also several speeches, in addition to the head of the history department, Naděžda Morávková, the vice-dean for external relations and lifelong learning, Michaela Voltrová, and the head of the student team, Martin Plechatý, also spoke.

A number of witnesses appeared in the audience, whose memories can be found on the pages of the publication. Among them Prof. Jan Kumpera, former vice-dean Jana Vaňková, former dean Jana Miňhová and many others.

The publication will definitely interest and delight everyone who has come into contact with the Faculty of Education in Pilsen, whether as a student or a teacher. Each interview offers a unique and engaging testimony about the history of the faculty and its transformations, from the memories stand out prominent personalities of higher education in Pilsen who fundamentally shaped the form of this institution and determined its direction. The selection of interviewed witnesses is very varied and almost every one of the numerous departments of the Faculty of Education has a representative in it.

The act of baptism was a nice meeting of several generations and a celebration of the legacy that teachers of teachers left and continue to spread in Pilsen. He thus successfully rounded off the series of events that the Faculty of Education of ZČU presented throughout this academic year as part of its jubilee.


Faculty of Education

Martin Plechatý

28. 03. 2024