The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will develop tools for both the European and global markets

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The new technology will enable improvements in machining accuracy and efficiency, leading to increased productivity and product quality.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and FINAL Tools, Inc. have achieved significant success in securing financial support from the international program INTER-EXCELLENCE II, subprogram INTER-EUREKA focused on research, development, innovation, and strengthening international cooperation. Over the next three years, they will collaborate with the German company MAPAL Fabrik für Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG, one of the global leaders in the development, production, and distribution of highly precise tools operating in 25 countries, to develop innovative new-generation machining tools. They have received 12 million Czech crowns from this program, with three million allocated to the Regional Technological Institute (RTI), a research center of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and nine million for FINAL Tools.

The project aims to develop innovative cutting tools for boring very precise holes in cast iron components. The new technology will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of machining, which will lead to an increase in productivity and product quality. The project focuses on developing tools capable of operating on fully automated, unattended machines. This is a crucial step towards modernizing manufacturing processes.

"Our collaboration with FINAL Tools will allow us to continue developing cutting-edge technologies that push the industry towards higher automation and efficiency. We have been given a great opportunity to showcase the capabilities of Czech engineering and build on the tradition of fine and precise mechanical engineering for which our country has always been renowned," stated Jan Řehoř, director of the RTI research center. "At the RTI center, we will collaborate on the development and testing of new tools. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to ensure very precise measurement of the bored holes," he added.

FINAL Tools, which has been collaborating with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering since 2011, has extensive experience in machining tools. "Our partnership with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is based on a shared vision of innovation and excellence. The project not only allows us to develop tools that significantly increase the accuracy and efficiency of production for our long-established customers, but the cooperation with MAPAL also enables these tools to be jointly produced and introduced to the global market. This will create additional jobs in our company for capable and ambitious students from universities and technical schools," adds Stanislav Fiala, creator of the new technical solutions for FINAL tools.

The project LUE232013 'Research and development of innovative new-generation tools for boring very precise holes in cast iron components on fully automated machines, primarily replacing honing technology' will run at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from this July until mid-2027.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Kamila Kolářová

28. 06. 2024