The Student King is Mr. Dandos from the Faculty of Applied Sciences

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The ruler of the students at the University of West Bohemia was crowned by Rector Miroslav Lávička.

The students of the University of West Bohemia have a year full of exciting prospects ahead. These promises come from Mr. Dandos, a student of Mathematics and Financial Studies at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, who became their king on Saturday, May 11. At this year's Plzeň Majáles, which once again managed to sell out the area of the speedway stadium in Bory, he was crowned by Rector Miroslav Lávička.

What the student community can look forward to during his term will be revealed by Mr. Dandos' election program. If he keeps his promises, students can expect, for instance, the Office of Equality, which will give them the right to use the same office software licenses. The newly elected king also promised that physical education classes at 8 a.m. will become illegal, that the hockey team "Akademici" will move up to the Extraliga, there will be anti-wind measures on campus, and a garden at the café of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He also plans to push for a greater expansion of the ZČU Friendly project into pubs, introduce the possibility to withdraw from an exam at least eight hours in advance, and ensure that every fifth drink in university clubs is free on Wednesdays.

How the king will fulfill his pre-election promises can be monitored until May 17, 2025, when the next Plzeň Majáles and the election of his successor will take place.




14. 05. 2024