The international conference presented education, art and digital technologies in teaching

Guests Concert Conference

39 lecturers from six countries, including the Czech Republic, took part in the Faculty of Education event.

On May 6 and 7, the international conference Education, Art, Digital Technology in Teaching II was held in the conference premises of Semler's residence in Pilsen, organized by the Department of Music Education and Culture of the Faculty of Education of the UWB. The conference attracted 39 participants from the Czech Republic, Brazil, Hungary, Slovakia, Mozambique and Portugal. Entries in English, Portuguese or Czech were focused on education, art and modern technologies that we can use for this purpose. The international organizing committee from various universities was led by Romana Feiferlíková, head of the department of music education and culture, in cooperation with prof. Gladis Falavigna from Brazil's UERGS.

The conference was opened by the Brazilian Consul Fernando Lorenz de Azevedo, who praised it as a unique opportunity to strengthen academic and cultural ties between participants from different countries. Contributions and panel discussions then focused on innovative approaches in education, the role of art in pedagogy and the integration of modern technologies into the teaching process. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and methods that can enrich their own educational practice.

The program also included a celebratory concert for the 75th birthday of composer Jan Vičar, professor at the Department of Music Education. In the beautiful, sound-tuned environment of the hall of the Faculty of Education in Veleslavínova Street, equipped with a new grand piano, the compositions of the celebrant were performed by excellent artists.

The result of the conference will be a book of abstracts of conference papers in English, which will be published in the Czech Republic, and a second book with full texts of conference papers in English, which will be published in Brazil. Both of these publications will provide a valuable source of information and inspiration for practitioners and academics interested in modern approaches in education, art and technology.

The event was evaluated as very successful and beneficial, it contributed to the development of international cooperation and the exchange of experience between the Czech Republic and Portuguese-speaking countries. The outputs and findings from this conference will certainly be an inspiration for further research and pedagogical practice. The organizers are already planning the next year of this important conference in 2026.


Faculty of Education

Dr. Romana Feiferlíková

15. 05. 2024