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During the summer semester, prominent economists visited FEK students - Tomáš Sedláček, author of the bestseller The Economics of Good and Evil, and Luděk Niedermayer, a former member of the Czech National Bank Council and MEP.

"The Faculty of Economics combines teaching with practice and modern trends. And that is why students at our faculty have the unique opportunity to meet various important personalities and well-known economists. Their lectures are always devoted to highly current professional and socially important topics. We consider it important that our students perceive the opinions of these top experts, and we are pleased to provide them with the opportunity to discuss contemporary trends and issues directly," says Michaela Krechovská, dean of the Faculty of Economics.

On Wednesday, March 13, 2024, our students met with the economist Tomáš Sedláček, who gave an online lecture in English for the participants of the semester course organized with Marquette University (Wisconsin, USA). The topic we chose was human work and AI. Sedláček conceived his excursion on the development of human work, its value and its content in such a way that he guided the audience through his view of economic "metamorphosis": how the nature of work and the values it produces have changed over the past two centuries. In an extensive exposition, he then explained the essence of the body, soul, and spirit of economics. He showed these differences, for example, using the example of a mobile phone or the fact that it is the true essence of the value of GDP, which has transformed over the last decades in favour of goods that do not have a "physical" (bodily) essence. He connected his lecture with quotes from critical thinkers from various spheres of human activity. He also mentioned the topic of ethics in business as one of the measurable aspects of business success. Finally, he briefly discussed it with the audience and answered their questions. The recording of the lecture is available on the faculty's YouTube channel.

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, economist Luděk Niedermayer, former governor of the Czech National Bank and current member of the European Parliament gave a lecture on the topic "Euro: Opportunities and pitfalls of the common European currency", attracted the attention of those interested in this current issue from FEK, FF as well as students of the Business Academy in Pilsen, who attended the lecture as part of the event "One day with the University student". The lecture was relatively informal, and Niedermayer involved the attendees in the discussion by asking his questions. He recalled the circumstances of the creation of the common European currency, evaluated the successes and problems of the Eurozone so far, and explained the fiscal rules in the Eurozone and the functions of the banking union. Subsequently, with the involvement of the present participants, Niedermayer identified the factors that supported the entry of the Czech Republic into the Eurozone and commented on the often-stated reservations about Eurozone membership. He also explained why, as an economist, he considers the often presented arguments against the euro weak, distorted and emotional. He also stated why the support of the euro is currently an ineffective model for Czech politicians. The packed auditorium and the student's involvement in the discussion showed that the lecture undoubtedly contributed to the current debate about the Czech Republic's position on the Eurozone.


Faculty of Economics

Jiří Preis, Hana Kunešová

02. 05. 2024