Jaroslav Šesták Presented His New Book

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On the occasion of the Ceremonial Meeting of the Scientific Board of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen on November 10th, the book of prof. Jaroslav Šesták from the NTC research center "Thermal Analysis and Thermodynamic Properties of Solids" was baptized.

The book was published by the prestigious Dutch publishing house Elsevier in English (Thermal Analysis and Thermodynamic Properties of Solids). It is an extensive publication of almost six hundred pages. Each of the twenty chapters is presented with an artistic black-and-white photograph in which a color motif is incorporated. The photographs as well as the graphics of the entire publication were created by the author himself. From the publishing point of view, it is a unique approach, which is the result of an interdisciplinary approach of the Renaissance personality of the physical chemist Jaroslav Šesták. The author's wide scope is also reflected, for example, in the fiction book "Stories: Essays on the Boundary of Science and Philosophy of Nature", published by the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

Twelve chapters of the book deal with a theoretical description of the issue of thermodynamics, six chapters are devoted to technological use and two go beyond a purely physical view of the matter. One deals with econophysics, a field that combines the problems of economics and econometrics with methods developed in physics and thermodynamics. The second non-standard chapter then addresses the issues of thermal climatology. The interconnection of disciplines and unusual conclusions are characteristic of Jaroslav Šesták. Many times they deviate from the standard scientific stream, which, however, its supporters appreciate.

"The book is my final view, a kind of epitaph, on the issue of thermodynamics, which I have been dealing with all my life. CTU and the New Technologies Research Institute, UWB, where I have worked and continue to work, also have their share in the creation of the publication, ” adds Jaroslav Šesták.

Jaroslav Šesták graduated from the University of Chemical Technology in 1962. He started working at the University of West Bohemia in the field of science and research in 2001. He specializes in thermal physics and thermodynamics, participated in the emergence of new disciplines monitoring specific phenomena such as kinetic phase diagrams, glass formation theory, economic thermodynamics or nonisothermal kinetics. He is the holder of the Medal of Merit (2017) and the highest awards of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Heyrovsky Medal) and the Czech Chemical Society (Hanuš Medal) and a number of international awards.


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12. 11. 2021