Zdeněk Peroutka Will Be the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering will be headed by the current Dean Zdeněk Peroutka for the next four-year period. The decision was made by the Academic Senate of the Faculty in a secret ballot. Of the 17 members of the 18-member Senate present, 16 voted in favour and one senator abstained.

Prof. Ing. Zdeněk Peroutka, Ph.D. (1976), who has headed the Faculty of Electrical Engineering since March 2018 and who is also the director of its RICE Research Centre, applied for the Dean's position as the only candidate. The second term of his office starts in March 2022. 

Zdeněk Peroutka graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of West Bohemia, majoring in Commercial Electrical Engineering (2000). He accomplished his doctoral studies in Electronics at UWB and spent part of his studies at universities in Paris and Maribor. In 2007, he was conferred the academic title "Docent" at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and five years later he was appointed professor of electronics. During his career, he was awarded three major international patents and managed to apply the results of his scientific work in the field of drives and systems for transport technology and energy to commercial use. Before taking the Dean's office, Zdeněk Peroutka held the position of Vice-Dean for Science and Strategy at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In the years 2010–2016, he was the scientific director of the RICE Faculty Research Centre and has been its director since June 2016.

Under the leadership of Zdeněk Peroutka, the Faculty has widened the subjects offered - it now offers one common bachelor programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, allowing students greater flexibility in their choice of courses. Moreover, the Faculty has reduced the offer of follow-up master programmes so that students have greater specialization opportunities. Since September, the Faculty offers a newly accredited doctoral study programme. In international evaluation according to Methodology 17+, this year the Faculty received the highest possible rating - excellent- in the module focused on the results of applied research and its impact on society. In 2018, the Faculty received the prestigious European Commission HR Award for the care of human resources in the scientific environment. This year, the Faculty received the award again.

Over the next four years, Dean Zdeněk Peroutka wants to strengthen the position of the Faculty in terms of the number of students in Czech and English study programmes. He plans to introduce the effective use of flexible forms of education with a large-scale application of digital technologies. In terms of science and research, he wants to strategically and systematically support key Faculty teams, develop and deepen interdisciplinary cooperation with entities from the research and application sphere and the public sector, and support the creative and innovative potential of small and medium-sized enterprises.


Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Šárka Stará

09. 11. 2021