Applicants for courses at UWB may take advantage of round 2 of the admissions process

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The admissions process at UWB is still underway.

In its second round, applicants can submit their application forms at technical faculties, and supplementary admissions to selected degree programs are also available at the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Arts, and the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAV) opened the second round of admissions into selected Bachelor as well as follow-up Master degree programs. Applicants may submit their applications until 15 August, 2022. The selection criteria for admissions into Bachelor’s degree programs are the results in the SCIO National Comparative Exams. Participants in the second round of admissions may use the results of tests taken between 1 September 2020 and 20 August 2022. Another criterion for admissions are previous study results from secondary school, though students may also apply any awards at selected student competitions and contests. In the admissions procedure for the follow-up Master’s degree program, results from the Bachelor degree program and its major will be taken into consideration. In selected fields of study, entrance exams are required.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) also plans to open a second round in the Bachelor’s as well as follow-up Master’s degree program. Applications may be submitted from 1 July until 15 August 2022. Just as in the first round, the admissions procedure takes place without entrance exams. What matters are the applicants' prior study results at secondary school or college. The Faculty also takes into consideration the applicants' achievements in relevant technical activities, e.g., in math or physics competitions and the SCIO National Comparative Exams. In addition to that, FEL is also opening a second round of admissions into PhD studies, in which applications may be submitted from 1 July until 28 August 2022, which will be followed by an admissions interview.

An open second round of admissions is also available at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FTS), which concerns both the Bachelor’s and the follow-up Master degree program. The deadline for submitting applications to both types of studies is 8 August 2022. The admissions procedure takes place without entrance exams. The applicants' previous study results as well as their relevant technical accomplishments will be taken into account. Extra points can be gained for achievements in math, physics and other technical competitions, certificates proving foreign language competence, both state language exams and international certificates, and their SCIO National Comparative Exam results.

The Faculty of Economics (FEK), which operates in both the Pilsen and Karlovy Vary Regions, made it possible for applicants to sign up for a second round of admissions into Bachelor’s degree programs in Pilsen as well as in Cheb. Open programs include Economic and Regional Geography (full-time program delivered in Pilsen), Marketing Management (full-time program delivered in Cheb), and Business Economics and Management (combined form of learning, delivered in Cheb) The deadline for applications is 31 July 2022. Bachelor’s degree programs accept students without entrance exams, based on the grade point average in the last two years of secondary school. Points are also awarded for proof of foreign language competence (B2), participation in relevant competitions and contests, or for results achieved in the SCIO National Comparative Exams. Until 31 July, applicants for PhD studies can also submit their applications for the doctoral study program Business Economics and Management (full-time program delivered in Pilsen).

Until 31 August 2022, the Faculty of Arts (FF) accepts applications to selected Bachelor’s as well as follow-up Master’s degree programs. Applicants must pass an entrance exam, the content of which is derived from the chosen study program, either in written or oral form. Entrance exams will be held in the week starting 12 September. In the second round of admissions, the faculty also accepts students into PhD studies, where the deadline for applications is 31 August. Applicants must also pass an admissions interview.

The Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art/The Sutnar School (FDULS) opened a supplementary round of admissions to the follow-up Master’s degree program for selected majors under the Audiovision program (Animation, Photography, Interactive Design, Media illustrations) and the Fine Arts program (Graphic art, Metal and Jewelry, Sculpture and Space), and for the Environmental Design for Architecture major under the Graphic Design and Illustration program. The expected number of students admitted into each of these majors is 3. Applicants may submit their applications by 12 pm on 29 July 2022. The entrance aptitude exam will be held on 24 August. The evaluation will focus on the applicant's portfolio of prior creative works or the design for a project intended for implementation during the applicant's postgraduate studies, a motivational interview, prior studies and professional achievements to-date. The admissions procedure for the 2022/23 Bachelor’s Degree program is already closed.


Šárka Stará

22. 06. 2022