Vladimír Duchek to become Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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As of October 2022, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of West Bohemia (UWB) will be led by doc. Ing. Vladimír Duchek, Ph.D., who was elected by ten members of the faculty's 18-member academic senate.

Vladimír Duchek, currently UWB's Vice-Rector for Development and External Relations, was the only nominated candidate. He will replace Milan Edl, who led the faculty for two terms and therefore could not seek re-election.

Doc. Ing. Vladimír Duchek, Ph.D., (born in1965) studied mechanical engineering at the University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Pilsen, and in this field he later received his PhD and associate professorship. He worked as a designer at the Škoda plant in Pilsen and a teacher at the University of West Bohemia. He also worked as Deputy Sales Director at Západočeská plynárenská, a.s. (gas distributor). He also spent a number of years in the role of Financial Deputy at Pilsen City Hall. From 2011, he worked as the Vice-Dean for Cooperation with Industry at the UWB Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and since 2015 he has held the position of UWB Vice-Rector for Development and External Relations.

In educational activities, Vladimír Duchek wants to expand the classic focus on materials, technologies and machinery with topics corresponding to future trends, such as advanced high-tech materials and technologies and new energy systems with an emphasis on clean production, additive technologies and intelligent production systems. To further increase the faculty's competence, Duchek considers it essential to keep up with the pace of modernization and improve the quality of the faculty's laboratory and technical equipment with the aim of implementing prestigious scientific projects and commercial research. Positive development in the area of science and research at the faculty may also result from the integration of its research teams and interdisciplinary cooperation within UWB. Vladimír Duchek also wants to attract young researchers with international credentials to join the faculty staff. In cooperation with industry partners, Duchek wants to present modern mechanical engineering and the faculty's potential as an excellent career opportunity for secondary school graduates.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Šárka Stará

17. 06. 2022