Members of the Department of English Language and Literature attended a conference in Krakow

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Two members of the Department of English Language and Literature attended an international anglophone conference in Krakow. Their contributions were met with much success.

On April 20-22, 2023, Dr. Veronika Quinn Novotná and Dr. Iryna Nedainova from the Department of English presented their research at an international conference at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland: APRIL CONFERENCE FIFTEEN, KRAKÓW, HUMANITY/HUMANITIES. In her paper, our colleague Dr. Iryna Nedainova (who joined our department after the war in Ukraine broke out), analysed anti-war discourse in President Zelensky's speeches. Dr. Veronika Quinn Novotná gave a paper on the relationship between language, memory and trauma. In her new interdisciplinary project, she investigates whether experienced trauma has an impact on how we learn and use languages, and whether Czech functional bilinguals use different languages differently, and whether and how they use English (both as a foreign language and as a lingua franca) to express their identity.


Faculty of Arts

Tomáš Hostýnek

21. 05. 2023