The statement of the rector regarding the tragic event at the Charles University

Students University Employees

On behalf of the entire University of West Bohemia, allow me to express deep concern and reject the act that led to today's tragedy at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. Our deepest condolences go out to all the students, teachers, their families and friends affected by this tragedy.

I can hardly describe my shock. In addition to being places of education, schools should also be places where we all feel as safe as possible, but at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University this rule was brutally invalidated today. Whatever the attacker's motives, his reprehensible act irreversibly affected the lives of many people.

Universities educate future generations, and in this they should cooperate and lead by example. Therefore, for myself, and I believe that also for the members of the academic community of the University of West Bohemia, who have any connection to the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, I offer my help. It is now the smallest, but at the same time the most important, thing that can be done for our colleagues.

Miroslav Lávička



21. 12. 2023