Increased interest in Economics and Law. UWB recieved more than 13.5 thousand applications so far

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The first round of admissions to study at the last faculty of the University of West Bohemia has concluded. This year, the university offered 310 study programs to applicants across nine faculties. There is still an opportunity to apply as selected faculties are opening a second round of admissions.

The Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Health Care Studies have recorded a significant increase in interest compared to previous years. The Faculty of Law received 1,653 applications, which is 250 more than in the previous academic year. "Interest in studying at the Faculty of Law is continually growing. We attribute this not only to the attractiveness of legal studies but also, although with all modesty, to the attractiveness of studying specifically at our faculty," explains Jan Pauly, the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law. Three-quarters of applicants are interested in the five-year Master's program in Law and Legal Science.

However, the Faculty of Economics has become the high-flyer this year, currently recording 2,374 applications, which is 350 more than after the first round in 2023. "There is greater interest this year in all levels of study. Nevertheless, the majority of applicants traditionally apply for the Bachelor's study programs Business Economics and Management and Marketing Management," says Jan Tlučhoř, the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics.

The Faculty of Health Care Studies recorded an increase of more than two hundred applicants this year, with a total of 1,769 applications. "Generally, the interest in studying health care programs with the assurance of stable employment after three years of study is growing. We have long seen the greatest interest in the Physiotherapy study program, with 594 applications this year, which is 70 more year-on-year," adds Alena Lochmannová, the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Health Care Studies. This year, the number of applications also reflects the Orthotics and Prosthetics program, which UWB offers once every three years and can only be studied at two schools in the Czech Republic.

Over three and a half thousand students applied to the Faculty of Education this year, which has long been the most popular among high school graduates at the University of West Bohemia. Specifically, 484 people applied for the Primary School Teacher Training program for the 2024/25 academic year, while the maximum capacity is 140 places.

On the other hand, there was a slight decline in interest in technical faculties, a trend currently faced by other technically oriented faculties in the country. "The total number of applications is somewhat better than the interim data suggested. However, if we look at these numbers comprehensively and compare them with the current demographic trend, the number of applications could be higher. Therefore, we are planning and taking further steps to make UWB even more attractive to applicants, for example, by working on streamlining the admissions process," states Jiří Kohout, the Vice-Rector of UWB for Education Concept. There are also plans to adapt selected study programs to the current generation of high school students as labor market demands change. This is why UWB faculties are already preparing study programs for the coming academic years that will focus more on sustainability, electromobility, and ecology.

The second rounds of admissions have already been or will be opened by the Faculty of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Economics, and the Faculty of Philosophy. Applicants can find a list of programs on the faculties' websites.

For the study programs Kinanthropology (Faculty of Education, teaching location Karlovy Vary) and Management and Digital Technology (Faculty of Economics, teaching locations Cheb and Weiden), UWB is still awaiting accreditation from the Board of internal assessment of UWB.



translated by ChatGPT, Andrea Čandová

11. 06. 2024