This Year’s Data Confirm That Graduates of the Faculty of Education Work at Schools

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According to the Dean Pavel Mentlík, many people think that most graduates of the Faculty of Education feel demotivated and, therefore, decide to work outside of the education system.

Similar statements were made by politicians who participated in recent elections. However, the results of a survey carried out among graduates showed a completely different result.

The survey is carried out among graduates of teaching study programmes, including the Bachelor's programme Preschool Teacher Training and the Master's programmes Teacher Training for Primary and Secondary Schools. The questionnaire was sent to 186 graduates who finished their studies this year. The survey response rate was 96%.

"We wanted to find out how many graduates teach in the course of their studies and continue teaching after graduation," says the Dean of the Faculty of Education Pavel Mentlík. "This year, we focused on whether they get a job position at the grade for which they are qualified. Moreover, we focused in more detail on future teachers of the second grade of elementary schools and secondary schools. We wanted to find out if they teach subjects for which they are qualified. We also monitor in which regions our students teach, " specifies the Dean.

This year's survey showed that 88% of graduates either teach in the course of their studies and stay in education after graduation (74% of students) or enter the education system after graduation (14%). The figures are similar to those of from last year91% of graduates who remain in education got a job position at the grade for which they are qualified.

This year, 66 future teachers for the second grade of primary schools and secondary schools graduated from the Faculty of Education. 93% of respondents said that they would teach the subjects they qualified for at the Faculty. "This is very important information for us. It shows that educating students according to the set specializations makes sense because school principals are interested in them," says the Dean of the Faculty.

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