The Faculty of Applied Sciences participates in creating a digital twin of the City of Pilsen

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The staff of three departments, two PhD students and four graduate students are cooperating with the City of Pilsen.

Also thanks to the assistance from the staff and students of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the University of West Bohemia, Pilsen has had a great success on the international scene. The City of Pilsen scored in the prestigious World Smart City Awards, which each year awards pioneering projects, ideas and strategies making cities around the world more livable. The DUET project – the city's digital twin, appealed to the jury. At the awards ceremony in Barcelona, Spain, the project took first place in the Enabling Technologies Award category.

Thanks to the DUET project, the West Bohemian metropolis has a precise 3D model of the city, which can be used in a variety of areas.  These may include all kinds of emergency situations or operations concerning traffic, climate, watercourses, construction, urbanism, tourism, etc. Also significant is potential use of it by the Integrated Rescue System. It was in the field of safety that experts made the greatest progress during the one year of the project's operation.

"In the DUET project, we deal with the implementation and subsequent integration of the monitoring of vehicular traffic as well as traffic and noise modeling in the digital twin. Our web-based application along with the traffic model responds to interactive stimuli (closed lane, road block, traffic jam resulting from a sports or cultural event, etc.), and displays the predicted change in the traffic flow caused by the stimulus and calculates noise levels caused by the increased traffic. We also made a significant contribution to the definition of the data structure for the city's 3D model and its integration in the digital twin," Karel Jedlička from the Department of Geomatics at the Faculty of Applied Sciences explained the involvement of the University of West Bohemia.

The digital twin project, part of the prestigious European subsidy program HORIZON 2020 focusing on innovations, has been operational in Pilsen for a year. The success rate of applicants in receiving a grant in this program is on average below 12 percent. The DUET project of the West Bohemian metropolis is also included as an example in a study for the European Parliament.

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Pavel Korelus and press release of the city of Pilsen

08. 12. 2021